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The love of our craft

Our craft is digital marketing and technology. Yes, we specialize in—and adore—all things related to web development and online communications, and this adoration reflects back on you, bathing you in a light that says, "We know things our competitors don’t."

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We're on it!

What makes Thrillworks different? Thrillworks delivers a perfect blend of innovative thinking, strategy, beautiful design aesthetics, and painless technical execution for web and mobile solutions.

The first piece of the puzzle!
Strategy, Planning & QA

Each project is approached with a considered strategic methodology. Our Strategy & Quality team listen to your needs, examine analytics; architect a user centric solution that is informed by your business needs. The integration of Quality Assurance into the strategy team allows us to guarantee that your goals and objectives are carried out through to launch.

The feel-good part.
Design & Development

Our award winning design work is not only exceedingly beautiful, it can be designed to an array of screen sizes, which means it accounts for the technical consideration necessary to be executed without a hitch.

Talk nerdy, hands dirty.
Web Content Management

Enterprise-level? Open source? We can implement using them all. Thrillworks provides skilled recommendations, and can leverage any of these platforms to facilitate your most demanding needs.

We're left to your own devices.
Responsive Design & Development

We are strong believers in delivering your users an optimal experience, no matter what device they are on. Gone are the days that we present mobile visitors with pared back content, making assumptions as to what your guests are looking for. All for one and one for all! That's what we say.

Everyone here is excited and it's great to be partnering with the Thrillworks team. There's a heck of a lot of talented people involved in this project, all of whom have common sense and the right attitude! Brian Will, Manager, Marketing & Business Development Systems
Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
No bull, no gore!
Josie Cino - February 08th, 2016

Thrillworks RRRolls Up a Winner with #RRRollUptheRim

RRRoll Up the Rim to Win® is back! It’s one of our favourite and busiest times of the year. We were fortunate enough to once again work on the digital side of this national campaign and received some new responsibilities to tackle! Our team brought back the fun and excitement of the online game RRRoll …

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