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At Thrillworks, we don’t think we’re smarter than you because you may not happen to know what ASP stands for. It’s our business to know that stuff, not yours. In fact, that’s our approach right there: you know your business and we know ours. Really, is there a more perfect partnership?

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Thrillworks – Because Anything Is Possible!

We believe in the power of the technology to change and shape the way people connect with each other and the world around them. With hard work, integrity and innovation we create experiences that make a difference.

Thrillworks believes in customer service – we are a boutique online agency who fosters long-term relationships with some of Canada’s largest and most recognized companies.

  • Long-term experience working in the online space – across numerous market and verticals
  • Comprehensive understanding of online marketing, mobile website and app development, social media and, of course, website design
  • A history of lasting, successful partnerships with our clients
  • Commitment to learning all areas of our clients businesses
  • Comprehensive track record of delivering Web Content Management System solutions for our clients
  • Award-winning work recognized industry-wide across B2B, desktop and mobile projects

We focus on understanding what your long term objectives are and we strive to achieve them. Other web agencies may believe that launching a website is the end point to a project, but we believe it is only the beginning. Thrillworks believes in a long-term agency partnership that evolves beyond launch.

Our Process

While we’d love to boast that our way of bringing a project from conception to completion is entirely unique, we’re pretty sure that tried and true project management methodologies are the best way to get the job done. We do have a few ‘stupid human tricks’ up our sleeves though. Things like: integrity, honesty and top quality. You know all the things that shouldn’t be taken for granted when you hire a web agency but unfortunately not everyone lives up to.

We’ll launch your website AND call you in the morning…remember ‘no one site stands’ with us.

1. Define

In the discovery phase we solidify our understanding of exactly what the website will be, who it is meant to serve, and the business objectives that are to be met by its launch.  We work hard to understand your business, to get “into the heads” of your site’s visitors, and help you to identify just how your online properties can support your offline business objectives.

Phase Deliverables:

Formal Project Plan, Competitive Analysis, Business Requirements Document

2. Design

During the design phase, both the information design and the “look and feel” of the website are determined.  Some of the tasks are: wireframes, prototypes, create design overall, iterate through the designs until you are satisfied and ready to sign-off, design initial database architecture, and create final information architecture.

Phase Deliverables:

Content Strategy/Audit, Information Architecture, User Interface Wireframes, Functional and Technical Requirements Documents, Visual Design concepts, finalized Visual Design

3. Develop

The development phase of website creation is where the bulk of the heavy-lifting is completed.  This is the phase of the project where the web development team focuses all their energy to bring the website to life.  With some agencies, this phase can seem like a “black box” to clients where all of the work is being done behind closed doors: our strategy to avoid this black box is to have weekly status updates between our team and yours so that you can be confident that your website is on task and on schedule.

Phase Deliverables:

Environment setup and access/permissions in place, hosting, WCMS installed, site code developed, test cases created, copy decks created, production graphics created, translation completed

4. Deliver and Beyond

Quality control methods highlight the tasks involved in the delivery phase of website development.  Here your website is tested, and tested, and tested again to ensure that it meets all the design, functional and technical requirements.  Once we are sure that this site is of the high standards that we hold ourselves to, we will hand the website to you for “UAT” (User Acceptance Testing).   You see it and use it before it goes live to the public.  If need be, we incorporate any necessary fixes.

Phase Deliverables:

UAT website, launch plan, website launched, analytics integrated and confirmed to be reporting

Other, less nurturing agencies view ‘launch’ as the end of the road, at Thrillworks it marks another important stage in the emerging relationship. We liken it to producing a newborn baby: after all, it’s important to make sure the child grows up strong and healthy!

We’ll develop a process for updating your website as well as providing you with suggestions and updates on future trends and technologies. Throw in some optional training and support, and… that’s it! A beautiful experience concludes and a wonderful relationship blossoms! At Thrillworks, the honeymoon is truly never over. Right, what are you waiting for? Contact Thrillworks today.

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Thrillworks is a highly skilled and specialized crew of professionals, with every angle covered. And when you work with so many talented folks who wants to go anywhere anyway? Our current average Time Spent @ Thrillworks is coming in at 3.9667 years, but it would be a little misleading if we didn’t give a shout out to the three Thrillworkers who have been here more than a decade!

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Vice President

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Office Manager

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Web Production Specialist

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Team Lead, Production Specialists

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Project Manager

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Front End Developer

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Front End Developer

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Project Manager

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Team Lead, Production Specialists

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Creative Director

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Lead, Quality & Experience

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Business Development Specialist

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Director, Operations

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Director, Technology

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Senior Web Developer

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Back End Developer

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Project Manager

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Digital Strategy

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Web Production Specialist

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Content Strategist

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Quality Assurance, Engineer

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Front-End Web Developer

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Senior Art Director

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Back-End Web Developer

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Front End Developer

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Project Manager

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Project Manager

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Director, Client Partnerships

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