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Thrillworks - June 01st, 2016

Front End Web Developer

Thrillworks is looking for a stunning Front End Developer to join our team in Burlington, Ontario. At Thrillworks you will build web apps and sites for some of Canada’s most beloved and recognized brands in a fast paced environment that fosters learning, and exposure to a wide variety of technologies.

We want to hear from you if…

  • Standards-compliant, accessible code is your jam
  • Debugging tools like Web Inspector are your other jam
  • You have experience bending a CMS to your will when customizing a theme
  • You can (and sometimes do) write CSS in your sleep
  • You could almost use JavaScript / jQuery to time travel IRL
  • You regularly make robots do your job
  • You have a knack for finding great tools, libraries and efficiencies
  • You can collaborate with others and finish each other’s…
  • Responsive Web Design erased the part of your brain that knows how to pixel
  • You can multitask, AND do something else at the same time
  • Have experience not only building, but maintaining code bases
  • You’ve ever gotten into a fight over text editor preference

Desired Skills and Experience:

You’ll really impress us if…

  • You’ve built sites in AngularJS
  • Poetry could not capture the deep abiding love you bear for a particular CSS preprocessor
  • You make your own apps to help streamline your own process
  • MVC is more than your rapper name
  • You have your own modular code base that you lean on
  • You can create your own gorgeous designs in the browser, Photoshop, finger paint, etc
  • You have more than a three octave range singing voice
  • You’re a inventor / writer / code commenter
  • You love styling with SMACSS / OOCSS / DRY methodologies
  • WordPress is your footstool

I’m Interested…
Cool! Send us your questions and resume to careers@thrillworks.com with the subject line: “Thrillworks Front End Web Developer opportunity”.

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