We launch your site AND call you in the morning.

Go ahead, repeat it a few times… “Thrillworks is on it. Thrillworks is on it. Thrillworks is on it.” Feels nice, doesn’t it? Helps you feel… safe. Secure. Looked after.


Strategy & UX Design

Thrillworks approaches each project with a considered strategic methodology. Every step we take is informed by your business needs, with a strong focus on the needs and experience of your users and customers.

Our strategic capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive Digital marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy and monitoring
  • User-centric experience design
  • Information architecture
  • Online and Native Mobile Strategy
  • Responsive interface design
  • Research and analytics
  • Process flows
  • SEO/SEM and Content strategy
 Your move!

Visual Design & Brand Identity

When it comes to translating our website blueprints and other strategic goals, our masterful creative team is second to none. Thrillworks is proud to be the home of a team of award-winning designers who push your brand’s identity to the edge and beyond.

Our creative capabilities include:

  • Award Winning Creative Design
  • Mobile and Native Application Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Print and POS Collateral
  • Social Media strategy

Development & Technical Solutions

Thrillworks has always been recognized as being leaders in development and technical execution. We have extensive experience developing desktop websites for over 11 years for clients in both the B2B and B2C sectors.  From small microsites to large, enterprise-level websites we have worked with all sizes of projects.

Our developers are well versed in:


  • Website Solution Architecture
  • Database Systems Design, Development and Integration
  • Web Application Development
  • eCommerce and Payment Processing
  • Responsive Web Design Development
  • Front-end HTML/CSS development
  • CRM integration
  • Social media integration
  • Integration with back-end client systems and third-party technologies

  • Application and Mobile development
  • Online and Native Mobile Development
  • Complete BlackBerry, IOS and Android Integration
  • Device Detection and Targeted Messaging
  • Mobile App Distribution and Configuration
  • Mobile App GPS Location Integration

Web Content Management Systems

Web Content Management is Thrillworks’ core business.  We support popular WCMS platforms from Open Source to Large-Scale Enterprise Systems.  We like to consider ourselves as being technology agnostic: our approach is to recommend the platform that best meets our client’s requirements and budget.


Quality Assurance

Though we believe in quality assurance at every step of a project, from every member of the team, Thrillworks has a dedicated QA team that devises and executes a plan to ensure your project is bug-free, and has a perfectly smooth launch.


Analysis & Analytics

Your website will need to stay fresh, and keep up with changing products and evolving needs. Thrillworks will always be in your hip pocket and ready for action. A key differentiator and foundational part of Thrillworks is our focus on ongoing maintenance, analytics, reporting, and strategic recommendations.

  • Clickstream
  • KPI Analysis
  • Customer Driven Insights
  • Competitive Intelligence

Account & Project Management

At Thrillworks, our AMs are technically savvy. You can be sure that the suggestions and solutions that they propose are sound and easily executed.

And our project managers are all senior level PMs committed to ensuring time, scope and budgets for projects are met. As such, they are experienced with keeping all project stakeholders (both internal and client-side) on task.


Support & Maintenance

Your website will need to stay fresh, and keep up with changing products and evolving needs. Thrillworks will always be in your hip pocket and ready for action. We pull the strings behind the scenes while you take the stage. It is an ongoing focus of ours to keep our eyes on your brand, maintaining and adhering to the uppermost standards of support providable.

Everyone here is excited and it’s great to be partnering with the Thrillworks team. There’s a heck of a lot of talented people involved in this project, all of whom have common sense and the right attitude! Brian Will, Manager, Marketing & Business Development Systems