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Josie Cino - November 05th, 2014

A New Way for Brands to “Buy” Into Twitter Advertising

As far as social networks go, Twitter is the most instantaneous when it comes to real-time information. It’s a wave of concise content that is constantly streaming. Around 6,000 tweets on average are tweeted every second. From a business standpoint, Twitter is a place where brands can promote new products, build awareness and offer customer support.

Promoted Tweets along with Promoted Trends have been a primary method for businesses to target specific users and locations on Twitter. But now, a new advertising initiative may be making its way onto Twitter feeds!

Twitter is currently testing a “Buy Now” button with a select number of users in the U.S. The Twitter “Buy Now” button allows mobile users to easily purchase an item within a tweet. Once a user taps on the “Buy Now” button, it will take them to a product information page within the Twitter framework. From here, payment and shipping details are securely stored and the user confirms their purchase. For businesses with a retail or e-commerce platform set up, this feature could tremendously increase their online sales. Burberry and Home Depot are two U.S brands that have already tested out the new feature.

So when will you start to see the “Buy Now” button on your Twitter Feed? Twitter is aiming to launch the button to the general public in early 2015.

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