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Our Story

We Did It Because They Told Us We Couldn't

Thrillworks learned early on how to harness the power of the internet. If you treat it like an operating system, it can become a tool used to create experiences that bring people together. Here's the thing, those experiences need to have more than just a cool factor, they must be useful to users at every stage and add value to their lives. Together, this knowledge has helped us continue to solve everyday problems and connect people through the power of the world wide web. 

By combining these learnings with uncommon service, an agile approach, and a readiness to always be prepared for what comes next, we can provide today’s answers to tomorrow’s question. 

Those Who Don't Follow Lead


Jay Bousada


An entrepreneur at heart, Jay began his career as an Engineer before founding Thrillworks. Since opening the doors, he has played many roles from sole proprietor to partner, managing director, coach, and now CEO. He’s a firm believer in self-improvement, his motto, “You need to capitalize on opportunities others don’t see because they’ve become too numb to see them,” is a driving force behind everything Thrillworks does.

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Kamal Syan


Kamal has been in leadership roles in digital agencies like Critical Mass, Klick Health, Normative and Rangle for the past 20 years. A veteran of the marketing industry with a client list that includes Mercedes Benz, Rolex, Citigroup, Nissan, Infiniti Global, Valvoline, Michelin, FOX News, Rogers, Salix Pharmaceuticals, Baxter International, and Roche.

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Douglas Riches


Doug is a technology leader in web and software with a wide-ranging background that covers Swift, JavaScript, API Architecture, Machine learning, and best-in-class user experience design. When he’s not building world-class digital ecosystems, Doug is busy giving lectures on the principles of modern application architecture, lean development, DevOps, and user-centric design and development practices. 

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Julie Batten

SVP Growth

Julie is a digital native with 15+ years in technology-focused professional services, consulting, and agency environments. Having worked around the world from Japan to Europe, USA, and finally back home to Canada, Julie brings a wealth of experience across industry verticals including financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail, and business to business. During that time she has lead everything from SEO/SEM to digital media, digital strategy, new business development, client services, delivery, and operations.

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Casey Sheahan

Director, Business Insights

Casey has over 20 years of experience in information technology. Prior to joining Thrillworks, he led teams in printing, pharmaceuticals, online gaming, and financial transaction processing where he helped build and mature QA processes as a technical project manager. After formalizing the QA process at Thrillworks, he transitioned into operations where he plays a pivotal role in the growth and infrastructure of the agency.

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