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Thrillworks - March 28th, 2013

Best Practices for Creating Optimized Web Content – Page Titles

March 28, 2013

Page Titles <title>

The page title is the most important of on-page keyword elements. People often misconstrue page titles as being just the text that appears in the top of the browser window. They are actually much more than that. Page titles are used by Search Engines as the display title for organic search results and therefore can be leveraged as free online advertising to attract new business.

Imagine a prospective customer performs a search for “website design” and they are presented with two different search result titles; one saying “Web Design” and another saying “CompanyName – Your trusted partner in online strategy and design”. Which result do you think the customer will be drawn to? With an effective content strategy you can use something as simple as page titles as an important sales and marketing tool.

Simple rules to follow when creating page titles:


  • Create unique page titles for each page
  • Accurately describe the page’s content
  • Use brief but descriptive titles
  • On the homepage lead with the business/brand name first
    Ex. Baked Goods By Ann – Fresh Breads, Cookies, Cupcakes
  • On internal pages lead with the subject (keyword term/phrase) followed by the business/brand name
    Ex. Chocolate Cupcakes – Baked Goods By Ann
  • Use hyphens to differentiate thoughts
  • Limit the title to less than 70 characters (includes spacing and punctuation)
  • Include keywords in the title


  • Overstuff titles with keywords
    Ex. Chocolate cupcakes, chocolate, cakes, cupcakes– Baked Goods By Ann
  • Over optimize