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Fairstone Bank
Built to Convert

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Setting the Stage

A complicated and unmotivating sign-up process. A backend that neither helped users along nor provided the data to make improvements. For Fairstone Bank, getting people to sign up for the Walmart Rewards Mastercard needed more than a superficial refresh, it required an overhaul of the technology infrastructure and the application experience itself.

More Than Just a Form

Our plan consisted of a serverless framework, allowing for several third-party integrations – including digital ID verification, save and continue functionality, and shopping pass creation. Not only did it speed up the process for customers, but it also gave Fairstone Bank, issuers of the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, the necessary tools to track and optimize performance.

Speaking the Audience's Language

We also revamped the application user experience to match the "everyday" spirit of the Walmart brand. We made the process more conversational and inviting; not the legal form it once was. Really, it was all about speaking to applicants like people.

In just one month, marketing clicks alone increased by 89%. The new UX and identity validation initiatives also led to completion and approval rate increases of 66% and 52%, respectively. Proving that if you want people to use something, you have to make it something they want to use.