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February 23, 2023

Solving the problems others overlook.

CEO and Founder Jay Bousada sits in a chair smiling wearing black.
By Jay Bousada

Jay Bousada is never one to shy away from breaking things down and finding smarter, more effective ways to do them. Jay Founded Thrillworks in 1999 to help organizations take full advantage of the potential of digital. 

 He’s a born problem solver, beginning his career as an engineer before turning his attention to technology. Now, as CEO, he’s driven by a passion to solve problems others may fail to even see. It’s this courage that’s at the core of who he is and the driving force behind everything Thrillworks creates. 

 In this podcast, we discuss: 

  • Only being good at problem solving isn’t enough 

  • The power of “curiosity”  

  • The path Jay took to reinvent his company 

  • The power of vulnerability  

  • Compassionate Conflict 

  • The “Challenge Chip” approach 

  • How taking your foot off the break can create acceleration in your business 

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