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Jay Bousada, CEO and founder of Thrillworks sitting in a chair, with text in front that reads "The Maverick Paradox Podcast".
February 3, 2023

Developing Trust is the Key to Unlocking your Potential.

CEO and Founder Jay Bousada sits in a chair smiling wearing black.
By Jay Bousada

The Maverick Paradox

Judith Germain speaks to Jay Bousada about how the fastest way to kill your business is to lose trust. Jay shares how Thrillworks got into and out of crises, his examination of who he was as a leader and how this led him to changing how he led his business.

Discover how Jay became a real leader and how he had to have the patience to ask the questions and not provide the answers. The importance of how you need to explain how you made the decision so that your team isn't trying to guess based on what they observe rather than what they know. How do you deal with the fear of not being relevant? How do you share your humanity?

Jay Bousada is the CEO and Founder of Thrillworks, which has been one of the most sought-after Digital Acceleration Partners in North America for 23 years. A leader in crafting digital experiences for clients in the healthcare, financial, entertainment, and retail industries. His passion for challenging what's been done before, coupled with his fascination for digital experiences led him to create Thrillworks and is still the driving force behind everything they do.

Listen to this conversation and consider what type of leader you are.

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