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Play Better Together

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Setting the Stage

Spin Master distributes many household brands, from DC Comics to Paw Patrol, but those two brands have very different audiences and stories. Their new site had to be flexible enough to allow each brand to have its own space to play and get its unique message across while also living under the Spin Master brand umbrella.

Putting it Together

So, we built them a website diverse enough to do just that, but simple enough for their administrators to edit if they need.

We also reimagined the creative expression of the site — adding more interactivity, colour, and motion — to make it as fun and playful as the toys, games and programming Spin Master creates.

We launched right as the holiday season kicked off, and the results were amazing. Our updates generated 5x the overall site traffic and 10x the organic search traffic. And thanks to the revamped creative expression, visitors spent 2x as much time engaging with the site.