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Tim Hortons
Introducing A New Way to Play

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Setting the Stage

The Tim Hortons ROLL UP THE RIM TO WIN contest is a summertime institution, delivering heavy in-store traffic year after year. In that success, however, were a couple of concerns: the promotion is seasonal, and once customers left the restaurant, the game was over.

A New Way to Play

We first developed a digital solution that let customers experience the excitement of rolling up the rim no matter where they were. Building the logic, gameplay, and creative that mirrored the in-store suspense and rewards. Customers were happy, as were we. So, we didn’t stop there.

A Game for Another Season

Built on the success of our Digital Roll-Up Contest, we created a game of our own. Collect to Win was introduced to build excitement during the winter months and combined two things Canadians love most: coffee and hockey. The more people played, the more they had a chance to win.

Our coffee-hockey pairing went a long way – Tim Hortons saw a 120% increase in participation over the years, driving traffic in-store, and keeping fans engaged.