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Thrillworks - February 7, 2014

TW Lunch delivered by the Jonny Blonde Food Truck

Thanks to Jay’s generosity and his love for great food, today’s lunch was driven into our parking lot by the Jonny Blonde Food Truck.

Jonny Blonde has been on EAT ST. and on the Food Network and they produce excellent quality food. They offer flatbread sandwiches on fresh-grilled, homemade flatbread with a choice of chicken, beef and bacon. Their menu is based around local seasonal produce and all of their meat is locally raised and antibiotic free. Jonny makes everything from scratch and they try to use local as much as possible.

We were lucky enough to spend lunch together, gathered around the boardroom table, eating this scrumptious fare and watching the Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Great food, great entertainment and even better company!


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