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Headless: To Infinity and Beyond

By Marc Pelland

We have previously talked about how portable content is just the beginning of the conversation when it comes to headless CMS, and shared best practices for applying it. Now let's explore what we mean by portable content and how to take advantage of it. We will share successful strategies on how businesses can unlock the power of their content for consistency, efficiency, and more.

Questions to ask yourself

Building a successful marketing-focused website is not the endgame, just the starting point. There are many different places that you connect with audiences. All these places should be considered when creating effective content management solutions.

To create an effective headless CMS, we need to start by asking these questions:

  • What content am I creating?
  • Who is consuming my content?
  • Where am I repeating myself?
  • If I need to change something, do I need to do it in multiple places?
  • How can my target best use this content?

Centralized content source

The difference between having consistent communication and fragmented messaging is that you're creating a brand voice. Changing information on different parts of your ecosystem is much easier to manage when you only need to change things in one place. So, to build an effective headless CMS, it’s important to create a centralized content source that is automatically updated wherever that content lives.

For example, a digital product company has a series of products with consistent information they need to track. The same product information is visible to consumers on the website, on an app, in programmatic ad campaigns and appears on an internal dashboard for employees to stay up-to-date.

These are four clear ways this company can benefit by using the same source of information rather than adjusting messages in multiple places. By setting up a single source for this content, they are able to make adjustments from one place.

This company can also extend their headless CMS to centralize their internal content, like employee bios. Meaning the same bio content can instantly be updated on intranets, generate PDF bios, be added to presentation slides, and much more.

Single source of truth

What’s created then is a single source of truth for content that can be updated seamlessly and outputted on all channels, at the same time. Even if the outputs are formatted differently, the content ultimately stays the same because a single source of truth was created.

Protect your business

These are just a couple of examples of how centralizing content flow can help to output consistent content and a brand voice across all channels. Your business’s ultimate value in a digital world is your content. Maintaining consistent messaging across all communication channels with a single source of truth is an effective way of protecting the value of your business.

We have so much more to share

The strategy and CMS teams at Thrillworks work tirelessly to evolve and unlock as much power out of our clients’ content as we possibly can. We’d love to show you more ways we can improve efficiency and create results that reach far beyond supplying content to your website. Let’s connect so we can share more ways to improve the way you communicate.

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