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Should Headless Still Define the Body?

By Marc Pelland

Whether going traditional, headless or creating a hybrid CMS solution, there are important, strategic questions that need to be addressed. When building a website from the ground up, there is a lot of research and knowledge that is put towards deciding, not just what modules should look like, but where and how they live on the site. We have a strategy team whose primary role is to understand who the users are that are coming to the site and what information is going to be important for them to see. Every piece of content or module is carefully placed within the site to ensure it gets the maximum impact for the largest number of visitors.

Can the body live without a head?

Can headless define the body?

If it’s headless, who’s controlling the conversation?

Other questions to be asking

Who do you want to give control of the user experience? Should website administrators be able to move things around in pages? Do you need full control of where the content goes? Who can make the best decisions to make consistent and real-world impact on users?

The headless life

The cost of content creators controlling the website flow, means marketers lose much of the control of how users experience the site and connect with your brand. A purely headless approach gives little or no support for understanding how the content is going to look, what people see or how users experience the final content.

Control the experience

Our CMS team works with the strategy and web teams. They go through a painstaking process to decide how content should live in the headless CMS to maximize site administration control. We look deeply at all the following to create the perfect balance between control and effectiveness:

  • What the content is
  • How the content is broken down
  • Where the content lives in the CMS and on the site

It is for these reasons, we carefully consider what can be controlled and what needs team intervention to change. We do this because we know the importance of keeping content portable while remaining on target (more details here).

Decoupling traditional CMS

The modular and decoupled nature of a properly implemented CMS is highly flexible for both marketers and developers. It is also cost-effective, scalable and mobile-friendly. The APIs are well developed and essential for long-term flexibility.

Thrillworks connects clients to end users

We maintain constant and ongoing discussion within our team and our clients, to find the right tools for the job. More importantly, this ensures us that we also get the most out of the tools that we use and recommend. The platforms with overly rigid structures or templates can limit marketers and may even create a less than perfect experience on some devices. We have worked with a number of different clients to move from various small and large traditional content management systems to headless and we always focus on controlling the final user experience. There are a lot of great things about a traditional CMS that headless solutions can be a part of.

Let’s connect

We employ teams that spend a better part of their lives understanding people and users. They take that knowledge and map it to the experiences that we build. Connect with us to let us guide you to your goal of creating a user experience that your customers deserve.

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