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Headless Commerce + Content: The New Power Couple for Building Digital Storefronts

By Thrillworks

livestream event:
Wednesday, October 6, 2021    5PM UTC

In our latest Trade Talk, our panel of experts discuss what you need to know about content and commerce platforms that focus on headless. With all kinds of buzz around the next generation of content and commerce services, discover everything you need to know about selecting the right platforms for your needs. Learn why companies are considering new services, how they’re integrating those services, and why to invest, including:

  • The current platform services landscape - what types of choices are out there? Why has there been so much change?
  • Why do marketing (and developer) teams choose to go with headless or composable services?
  • What kind of benefits can I expect from these new services?
  • What do these new service options mean for the build and development process?
  • Demonstration of content + commerce (Contentful & Slatwall)

Doug Riches, CTO, Thrillworks

Brad Gustavesen, CMO, Slatwall Commerce
Jim Sam, Solutions Architect, Contentful
+ Technical expert from Slatwall Commerce

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