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Who we are

Partners in Digital Acceleration

At our core, we’re catalysts. We look at all the angles, test and learn as we go, and are always, ALWAYS, looking for the smartest way to propel results.

a group of people talking
a group of people talking
Diagram of words (Impact, Product, Technology etc)

Unlocking Digital Value Takes a Village

Impactful technology is more than just a set of fancy features. Every piece of a product’s form and function has to be intentional—from the way it feels to the way it works and the way it serves the business.

That’s why our team is built the way it is and we work the way we work. Every person on our team is valuable, and we couldn’t do what we do without the expertise each person brings.

What moves us


Through respect, trust, and empathy, we put our egos aside in service of greatness — collaboration isn’t optional.


We’re always on the move with a “What if?” attitude. We like to think of ourselves as adventurous problem-solvers.


We’re not afraid to try new things and challenge what’s been done before. Even when things aren’t great, we own the result.


We want to be difference-makers; vocal optimists who believe we and our work can always be better.

Our team

Headshot of Jay laughing

Jay Bousada


Headshot of Kamal

Kamal Syan


Photo of Julie smiling

Julie Batten


Rameshwar Singh

VP of Tech

Photo of Lara smiling

Lara Mourra

VP of Product

Photo of Ketan smiling

Ketan Manohar

VP of Experience

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