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Edward Jones
Reinforce Relationships and Make it Quick

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Setting the Stage

When the pandemic hit, Edward Jones needed to answer an important question: how can they build and maintain deep, meaningful relationships with clients—something core to their brand DNA—in a world where people couldn’t meet face-to-face? The answer was developing a digital toolkit that could make connections simply and let their clients know they were still there to help them reach their financial goals.

Making Introductions

Thrillworks helped develop a digital campaign that included TV spots and profile videos of real advisors to give potential clients a more intimate understanding of who they were–so the clients could better decide if these individuals were the right fit.

Facilitating Connections

The program also included two, built-from-the-ground-up, cloud-based web experiences that gave Edward Jones advisors the tools to reach and build new relationships more efficiently with respect to time and money. One experience was self-guided. The other featured a digital concierge. Both helped Edward Jones keep their promise of being there for their clients.